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Chipotle Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

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My mouth is watering right now just thinking about Chipotle. There’s something about the way fresh ingredients come together to make a masterpiece. You may read The One Life Blog to find hacks to save money, or you might read to find ways to elevate your health journey. This article was written to help both sides. Keep this in mind as you read that some hacks may save you money but may not be healthy! Either way, I hope you find a new tip for your next trip to the promised land.

Try a salad

This one is for my health freaks. Ordering a salad can save you tons of calories when eating at Chipotle. Usually your bowl starts with a giant bed of rice and a ends with a few slivers of salad. The salad flips the quantities! You can still add rice to your bowl, but it will be a much healthier dose.

Order a bowl with shells on the side

If you’re a burrito babe, this hack will get you more bang for your buck. Simply order a bowl with all your favorite ingredients, then stuff the burrito yourself. You get bigger quantities in a bowl and will probably have leftovers for another small meal later!

The salad stretch

Another bowl hack coming right up! Order a bowl to go (without the lettuce) and portion it on to your own salad mix at home. #MealsForDays.

Get FREE guac!

Not everyone knows this little secret. If you order a veggie bowl, guac comes FREE!! Load that baby up with fajitas and beans, and you might not even miss the meat. True guac lovers will make the sacrifice.

Chipotle vinaigrette

Chipotle’s vinaigrette is sweet nectar from the heavens.
My college roommate introduced me to Chipotle’s vinaigrette, and I’m not kidding when I say I could pretty much drink it. I always ask for two vinaigrettes when I go! It is sweet like honey with a hint of vinegar. You must try it next time you visit.


What’s better than getting a notification you’ve been “Guac Mode Verified” random Tuesday? Not much for me. If you have the app, you get points for each purchase and will get free guac several times throughout the year. I hope you enjoyed these Chipotle hacks. You can make a healthy or cost-friendly meal with the right tips and tricks! Enjoy, my friend.

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