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How To Dress Like A Million Bucks For College GameDay With Only A Few

OSU college girls Averi Wolf
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Written by Averi Wolf

Averi is a college student at OSU in the interior design program. If you spot Averi around campus, she’ll probably be in a super fashionable outfit. The shocking part? She finds some of her best apparel in thrift stores. If one thing is certain, it’s that Ohio State GameDays are a pretty big deal. I asked Averi to give us some tips on how to style for less and still feel like a million bucks for college gameday. Enjoy her advice below!

Vintage tees and sweatshirts

Thrift stores always have team gear and most of the time it’s cute vintage tees that can be cropped and look like you just bought it at full price! Also, sweatshirts are something that can be cropped as well for colder game days.

I bought this sweatshirt at Goodwill for around $4 and then cropped it and made a cut in the neckline.


Always thrift your jeans! There are so many cute styles and sizes that come second hand and can be distressed, dyes, or even cropped yourself for cheap!


The one thing that makes an elite gameday outfit are accessories! Whether it be colored glasses, a bandana, or even a statement belt, all these things add up and can make a basic outfit look 10 times better! I find mine at thrift stores and on Amazon.

Girl, frost yourself!


small colored glasses

bandanas worn around the neck or head

statement belt (team color or just a cool design)

bucket hat

white pleaded skirt

My favorite small colored glasses


Layering is essential!! To make a fit look better, layer a lot! Some examples are layering a long-sleeve shirt under a short-sleeve shirt, turtlenecks under jerseys or a statement jacket over a basic tee.

I layered a white long sleeve under this thrifted shirt I got from Instagram!

Use Thrifting Apps

Especially in times like these, buing online is ideal! My favorite apps are Curtsy, Poshmark, and Depop. They are great for finding good clothes and saving money.

I thrifted these red shorts for $10 on an Instagram account.

Overall, always look for deals and don’t be afraid to try something that most people wouldn’t. And just think…if it doesn’t work out, you didn’t break the bank on it anyway. Happy thrifting!

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