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8 Things You Need To Work From Home

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Y’all, I finally joined the work from home world, and I couldn’t be more excited! No bra necessary, I get to walk around in cozy socks all day, and I can randomly break out in song and dance whenever I want! Whether you’ve been working from home for months already or are a college student taking online classes, I thought I’d share some of my favorite essentials with you!

1. Blue Light Glasses

Strained eyes from looking at a computer screen all day? Try a pair of blue light blocking glasses! My friend, Carly, recommended these to me, and I loveee them. Bonus: they double as a cute accessory when you don’t feel like wearing eye makeup. This pack comes with 3 colors so you can always spice up your look!

2. Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

I got this as a gift several months ago, and it was a game changer. A bit on the pricey side (you could still get away with cheaper products on Amazon) but I’m an Apple girl and love the way this mouse and keyboard hold a long battery life. I can use mine for 7-12 days before having to recharge them! They charge with a regular Apple cord, so you won’t need extra batteries like some require.

3. Slippers

Since you won’t be wearing your work shoes, a nice fuzzy pair of slippers could help keep those toes warm. The trendy criss-cross slippers are great because your feet won’t get too sweaty. I don’t have the Ugg slippers, but they’re a boujee item I would add to my Christmas list! There’s also a nice memory foam pair for that man in your life.

Ugg $99.95 | Criss-Cross $23.99 | Hanes $24.99

4. Laptop Stand

If you don’t have a laptop stand, it’s likely your head will drop forward to view your screen. This can lead to neck and shoulder pain (which I can get pretty easily!) I like having a laptop stand to help me keep my posture straight. This stand with my wireless keyboard and mouse make for an ergonomically correct system.

Laptop stand $22.99 (19% off)

5. Wool Crew Socks

How cute are these wool sock sets?? One for each weekday. If your toes get cold easily like mine, grab yourself this variety pack so you can keep the little piggies warm all winter long.

5 Pairs Knit Wool Crew Socks $14.99

6. Posture Corrector

Working at desks and looking at phones and computers can lead to a slumped posture. I already have a natural roll to my shoulders, so this posture corrector really helps me keep my shoulders and neck in line! I’ve had this one for 5 months and I like it.

Posture Corrector $18.99

7. Hair Scrunchies

You bet we are going to be rocking second (maybe even third) day hair at home. Here’s a way to make it cute! I honestly can’t decide between the blush/mauve and green/gray packs!

8. Neck And Shoulder Massager

I’ve never had a massager for a price like this work SO well! This Shiatsu back shoulder & neck massager with heat digs deep in your muscles to provide the relief you really need. I use it every night!

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