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How to Craft Your Vision Board

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I have to admit I thought these things were bogus. Really! It took me a long time to FINALLY make a vision board of my own. I always questioned how a sheet full of paper clippings and drawings of a Mediterranean cruise, the planner I wanted to create, and delicious street tacos I wanted at my wedding could help my dreams come true. But then I stumbled upon the beginning of a new year and I thought, “why not give this thing a try?”
I had nothing to lose, so I grabbed my goodies and got to work. Turns out, some of my crazy visions actually came true!! (One of them being the blog you are reading). Now I want the same for you. Below I will tell you just how I created my vision board in hopes it will help you reach your dreams.

Before we start, you might be thinking, “What if I don’t know what my dreams are?” That’s okay! I’m going to help you discover them. The important thing to remember is this:

“You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to get started.”

The perfect example is my fiance, Lee. When I first asked him what his dreams were, he couldn’t think of any. But after thinking about his life and what he truly wanted for his future, he came back to me with a list of 5 dreams. The best part is now Lee’s has just as many as me! This leads us to step 1 of your vision board.

1. Craft a Vision

Take time to yourself to allow your mind to envision a magnificent future. Keep in mind this is YOUR life. This is YOUR vision! Crazy dreams are encouraged here. Ask yourself…”What do I want? How would I feel? Who am I with? What would make me proud?” From your answers we can form some goals to help you reach that vision.

2. Identify Goals

If you envisioned a strong and healthy version of yourself, a goal could be to run a half marathon or eat more vegetables. You could have goals such as buying a house, getting a dog, becoming debt free, falling more in love, starting a side hustle, or achieving that next big promotion. The ideas are endless! Identify a few goals that are right for you.
Some of my dreams starting out were to move to a new city, write a book, grow my business, finish a half marathon, and have tacos at my wedding. Take some time to think what YOU want.

3. Create your Vision Board

Now it’s time for the fun part! Grab your scissors, glue, pencils, and magazines. Or in my case, I used my computer and a Google doc to print specific pictures. With the half marathon example, you could use a runner or the number 13.1. Pick things that spark a feeling inside you for the goal. Start creating your own vision board now.

4. Pin It Up

Ta-da! Look at that masterpiece. You just created a visual representation of what your future could be like. This is important! If your vision board is not the one in The One Life Planner, display yours where you will see it every day. Lee and I had our first prototypes taped next to each other on our closet door. It’s truly amazing the power of putting your dreams in front of you. We make new vision boards semi-annually because we like to check and change what we need to! It’s crazy how fast things can change in 6 months. Good job!! I hope your vision board helps create an image of the life you want so that you take action to bring it to reality.

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